Malaika N. California

Racism and Crime and Safety

There are human rights everyone is born with, yet many people live their lives without them because of the color of their skin. Everyone deserves to be valued and given the rights they deserve, especially in the area of crime and safety.

Dear Future President,

Congratulations on being elected after such an intense and turbulent presidential election!

During your term, you will encounter a multitude of issues, many for which you have already prepared. Personally, the debate on racism and crime and safety is at the forefront of my list of priorities. This is an extremely important issue to me because it affects the majority of America’s population, and it has been a problem since the country’s founding.

Being a young African American woman, living in the United States of America’s systemically, oppressive society, every day I see examples of people having their rights denied or unacknowledged by others because of the color of their skin. In the issue of crime and safety, people of color, specifically African Americans, are put at the center of the conversation, although everyone plays a part in this affair. I believe we as a country should work toward ending the cycle of mass incarceration and private prisons, and to regulate the police force.

I believe the government has a duty to its citizens to re-evaluate and improve the criminal justice system. Mass incarceration, which targets mainly black and brown young men and women, has been on a rise, especially due to the expansion of privately operated prisons, which also leads to a rising number of unlawful free labor. Also, trust in police has waned after a multitude of instances in which they partook in unjust actions, such as the killings of innocent lives. It would appear that policemen and women need more stringent training and rules, as well as stricter punishments for wrongful cases of police brutality.

People of color deserve fair treatment and to have their basic human rights acknowledged by others, although, due to the complex history of our country, creating a solution will take both time and involve a countrywide discussion.

Thank you for hearing out my opinions on such a troubling yet important issue, and I wish you a successful four years in office.


Malaika N.

Marlborough School

AP World History Period H

Letters to the Next President

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