Jessica Y. California

Save the future from climate change

Climate change is going to determine the future.

Dear future president,

Climate change needs to be a larger concern to our nation, because it can be the cause of many problems.Climate control is an important problem because many plants and animals are being negatively affected and if this continues, many living organisms will not be able to survive in their isolated location that requires a specific temperature or demand, climate control is also important because humans are being negatively affected and are mainly the problem.

Climate control is very important because it has the power to affect millions of species living on Earth.Over the past thousand years, the temperature has increased rapidly. About one fourth species have a good chance of becoming extinct in the next 100 years. As the Earth's climate temperature raises, plants and animals that need to living in chilly places, like the Arctic, might not have a suitable place to survive. The ice needs a specific temperature in order to freeze, if the environment does not reach it, the polar bears wouldn't have a chance and its close it the temperature too low. Their environment is suffering due to the temperature increase, most of the living organisms are unable to adapt to the new heat and surroundings. For example on the website “a student's guide to global climate change” it states “the negative effects are expected to outweigh the positive ones.”

The main reason climate control is not as cared upon, enough is because some people don't realize it's affecting humans almost as much. In the past years the global warming has been brutal to all living species. Humans have learned to adapt to the relatively stable climate we had enjoyed since the last remarkable ice age which had ended thousands of years ago, but the climate is changing rapidly humans have a high chance of doing bad because of the rapidness of the changes. Many of these global impacts, like stronger hurricanes and severe heat waves, could be very threatening to the human race, and these dangers are just increasing. According to the website “ EPA” it says “Although it's difficult to predict the exact impacts of climate change, what's clear is that the climate we are accustomed to is no longer a reliable guide for what to expect in the future.”

Although cutting back on small everyday items seems simple, it would be very challenging to get every person on Earth to contribute. Humans burn fossil fuels on a daily basis, cutting back on the progression does not mean to cut off all actions burning fossil fuels, it means to use five times less than consumed regularly. It will create a drastic difference and sow the global progression. There are hundreds of ways to cut back, for example a reliable source states “Though you might feel like your lifestyle is insignificant compared to things like oil extraction or vehicle emissions, the choices we make in our day-to-day life — how we get around, what we eat, how we live — play a major role in slowing climate change.” That quote proves the faith just a few cutbacks create, it shows the hope each object that seems unimportant to a daily life will have if many people decide to contribute.

All in all, this planet is in danger if we don't act quick. Plants and animals have already been impacted greatly, but many don't realize humans have been too. There are simple ways the environment will benefit due to cutbacks of dangerous objects. In the article by the Huffington post, it states “Nearly 20,000 species of plants and animals are at a high risk of extinction and if trends continue.” This shows the drastic drop in species in just a short period of time, over the years this number will quickly increase. In conclusion, Cutting down on fossil fuels, and other dangerous remedies will save the environment and many of the creatures on it.

Thank you for reading this,                                                                                                                            Jessica

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