Nicholas Minnesota

We live in a dangerous world

We are living in a dangerous world due to terrorism

Dear Future President,

We are living in a dangerous world due to terrorism. In Dallas,TX five police officers died by a sniper and this shows that if our police officers are having a hard time defending against terrorists then how do we defended (Fernandez, PÉrez-peÑa, Bromwich p.1). We need to focus on the Police every where so we can defend against terrorists and that is because we need to stop living in a world where not everyone is safe so we need to make our armed forces stronger to stop them. We need to prioritise our safety because free people don’t deserve being unsafe everyday 24/7 also the people of the world need to know that they are always safe wherever they they go.

We are living in a dangerous world due to police shootouts. Are we really safe there was a shooting in Charlotte and 12 officers were injured. When police were try to find a suspect a person got out of a car posing a big threat while armed(Cable News Network P.1). Even though the cops shot and killed the shooter 12 trained officers got injured by rock throwing and by the shooter. Secondly, We are never safe two police officers were killed in a ambush when the officers went to a report of shots fired they got ambushed(GALLAGHER and Winsor P.1). It matters because there are people out there who don’t follow the law and can kill police officers. Those are some real stories that we are never safe.

Yes I realise that some people think that we are always safe but that is not always true. even tho we are mostly always safe sometime we aren’t. Most of the police shootouts the suspect is being captured and arrested or killed. In one story two officers were killed but the suspect was captured(Gallagher and winsor P.1). This matters because even though sometime we are not safe at time other times we are safe. We are safe sometimes or most of the time but we are still not always safe.

The president should make it harder to get guns but not take the right away and also train the police to have more experience. This topic relates to the Peace, Justice and strong institutions from the global goals. The initiative of the Peace, Justice and strong institutions goal supports this because we need peace throughout the world not just in one country.This need to be on the future president's agenda because the country's safety should be the number one priority.


Nicholas L.

Chaska Middle School East

Mrs. Johnson's 8th Grade Global Studies

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