Dillon C. California

Help End World Hunger!

Millions of people are being harmed because of world hunger.

Dear Future President,

World hunger is a huge problem in the world that is affecting millions of kids and needs to be stopped. About 21,000 people die every day from world hunger. That is almost 4 people every second and almost all of the victims are children. World hunger needs to be stopped because kids are not getting properly educated, through lack of nutrition and energy, and food is not being distributed evenly throughout the world.

World hunger is preventing children to get a proper education that they deserve because it is preventing them from getting enough nutrients and energy to focus throughout the day. When children do not have enough food to eat they are not getting enough of the essential nutrients. Un-nourished kids do not have the power to think critically, learn new skills, or contribute to society. Also kids who do not have enough nutrients have failing organs, weak immune systems, and less cognitive abilities. 

Food is also not being evenly distributed around the world because it is too costly to developing countries. Families in developing countries spend over 80% of their money on just food and that can be too hard to maintain. A solution to equal food distribution is money distribution. If every part of the world had enough money to start to make a living, then they could have enough money to pay for enough food eventually. Another solution to food distribution are GMOs. GMOs are genetically modified organisms and they can make plants bigger and they can grow in dryer conditions in such places like developing countries in Africa. 

Some may say that GMOs might not work because they could end up hurting people in the long run. In the situation that the world is in now with world hunger, GMOs should be encouraged because if scientists do find a way to make certain food safe to eat, easier to grow, etc… then world hunger could end and maybe we could live in a place where the world does not have to be worried about people starving and suffering from a lack of food.

All in all, right now, America could be helping a lot more to stop world hunger so it is up to you, next president, to help free the world of hunger and stop it for good.

Looking forward to your response,                                                                                                                         Dillon

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Zhebel - English 8

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