Leo v. California

Nuclear weapons

Nuclear weapons are to dangerous and it is affecting peope

Dear Future President

Nuclear weapons are the most destructive, Guns because they are to powerful .And i think that they should stop making them. The reason that i think that they should stop making them because some people attack next to homes and most homes from places that have nuclear weapons there are all bombed or had fallen. In nine countries around the world there is nuclear weapons. With one single warhead they can kill millions of people. And also we want to get rid of them because so we could prevent getting into terrorism.Because it will make the world safer for our children and grandchildren. Something that it could happen to it is the climate change because of all the smoke of many burned things.And nuclear weapons are the most powerful problem that we have for our country.

Many nuclear weapons today would explode with up to 100 times the force of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

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