Paulina C. California

Climate Change

Climate Change is an increasingly prevalent issue, both within the US and globally. Without immediate action, global warming will wreak unchecked devastation on the earth. That is why Climate Change can no longer be ignored and environmental consciousness must be considered so that we may better preserve and protect the planet, both today, and for years to come.

Dear Future President,

I am a high school junior living in Los Angeles, California. I am currently enrolled in AP Environmental Science, which has aided in my environmental consciousness and personal concern regarding the ongoing issue of climate change. Additionally, as a California resident living in the midst of a catastrophic drought, it is quite easy for me to see the results and often negative consequences that we, as humans, have on our environment. Thus, I have developed a key interest in the environment and I recognize the fact that climate change is very real and needs to be solved now, before the problem furthers irreparably.

Climate change constitutes a very real and immediate problem. As the global temperature rises, the world will face issues such as destruction of natural lands and habitats, extinction of certain species of wildlife, sea level rise, and more frequent natural disasters such as flooding, extreme storms, and droughts. If we do not act soon, we will drive the earth to its tipping point, after which it will be immensely difficult to remedy the havoc we have wreaked on this planet.

In short, climate change is caused by the excess release of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, that become trapped in the earth’s lower atmosphere and damage the ozone layer. This release of noxious gases is caused by several various factors including both underground and surface mining, the use of motor vehicles and transportation, and the combustion of fossil fuels to generate energy.

It is well within human nature to crave surplus. Therefore, in the lifelong journey to obtain that abundance that we so long for, we often neglect to consider the consequences of our actions, especially in regards to our detrimental effects on the environment. This unfortunate reality is illustrated by the appropriately titled Tragedy of the Commons, in which each person exploits a shared resource and contributes to the depletion of that resource.

When tackling the prevalent issue of climate change, cost is evidently a primary concern. While changes in environmental policy and education on the topic of climate change may be expensive, the issue must be confronted immediately. If climate change is ignored, it will only worsen. The earth provides for us completely, and yet we refuse to protect and take care of it. As represented in the popular English proverb, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”, we should not take the planet for granted. Instead, we must express gratitude for its innumerable gifts by treating it with respect and caring for it in the same way it cares for us.

I urge you, the President of the United States, to realize the immediacy of climate change and adopt this issue as a relevant and necessary concern when regarding the long-term future of the earth. I ask you to consider legislation pertaining to the reduction of greenhouse gases, the control of environmentally harmful practices, and the adoption of renewable energy resources, as well as to aid in spreading the pro environmental message both within the United States, and worldwide.

Thank you,

Paulina C. 

Marlborough School

AP World History Period H

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