Brianna A. Ohio

Love is Love, People are People

Although marriage equality is legal, the LGBT+ community is still being discriminated. No matter what views there are, there is the fact that we are all human.

Dear Future President,

  I am here today to tell you how I feel on the issue of the LGBT+ community being discriminated. Although, I am a minor who knows absolutely nothing, I still want my voice to be heard. I, personally, am Pansexual and proud to be included into the LGBT+. Yesterday made four months since the Orlando Shooting occurred at the Pulse night club. Forty nine people were murdered on that day, that makes forty nine innocent lives taken away for expressing themselves. How does it make you feel that quite an amount of your citizens are being disrespected due to being who they are? How does it make you feel that between a quarter to half of the percent of youth teens are homeless from coming out? The rate of attempts of suicide is four times greater for LGBT youth. They feel as if no one wants them on this Earth and that they shouldn't be alive. Nine out of ten LGBT youth report verbal bullying. All of this information should be enough to convince you that the future of your country is deteriorating. Please take the LGBT+ community into consideration and stand by us in equality. 

Thank You,

Brianna Allen