Dubby T. Wisconsin

Letter to President

This is about racism and what I feel.

Dear Future President,

Racism is something that popular figures attempted to stop in the earlier times, but is still a very large issue and there has to be a way to stop it. Racism is a serious issue is the U.S. that needs to be monitored by government because this country will not be the same if people keep dying from skin color.

According to “GALLUP Research”, it states that the percentage of people that think racism is targeted towards blacks and raised 10% over the last 7 years. This also means that there obviously has been some things going on in our country towards the blacks that is seen as violent, unacceptable, and unnecessary. Protesting has been happening and as a result of blacks being killed, police officers are being killed. As a black person I do not want to be shot, killed, nor stabbed by anyone of any color, especially whites. This said, I do not want to live in fear just because of my skin color, nor do I want to be seen differently by police because of my skin color. I feel as if everyone is equal because if you put a black and white person's blood together, it mixes. According to “PROCON.ORG” Donald Trump states that it’s horrible to see what is happening to people, but crime rates are rising and police have to do their job. I respect that choice, but the fact that people are getting killed for no reason, unarmed, no criminal records, no drugs in their system. My question is why does it seem that police are taught to shoot people who simply say a word back or reach into their coat? I can understand why, but why do they do this to more black people than whites?

I hope this is something that stays in your head and you think long and hard on it. White people can face racism as well but not as much as blacks. What I tend to see is that when a white person kills a white person or a black kills a black person, it’s like normal. But as soon as a black kills a white or a white kills a black, the whole country goes nuts and the whole country gets more and more violent day by day. I would highly appreciate if something is done about this issue around our country.


Dubby T.