Matty D. Maryland

Gun Control

I think Gun Control is a big problem in todays world. I also think that strict gun laws will create more violence.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President

Statistics show that there has been more gun violence over the years but it’s the person behind the trigger that is the number one contributor. We should have stricter regulations of gun control to keep guns out of criminals hands. Some politicians oppose gun control laws and are strong supporters of the 2nd amendment. Some people want more gun laws and don't want people to carry concealed weapons in public. Both parties have different views on gun control. What is your stance on gun control?

What is the 2nd Amendment? The 2nd amendment is the right to bear arms. That means people can own a weapon that can keep their families and themselves safe. About 270 Million people in America own a firearm. About 89% out of 100 people own a firearm. America is 2nd in the world for gun ownership rate. There are more armed citizens than police officers in America. I think owning a firearm to protect your family and yourself is great but owning a assault rifle should not be allowed unless you are in the military.

We have people that are buying weapons without getting background checked. According to article USA Today, “We started to find out that people actually can get guns without a background check,”. The people that are affected are the people that are buying the guns and the people who are losing loved ones. I think that background checks and taking away assault weapons could help. I would like to see the next president to not be so strict on gun laws and make sure that all citizens that own firearms are safe and secure. Do you want to stay safe? How does gun control affect you? 


Matt D.