Jullian B. Montana

Make NASA Better!!!

This is a letter that explains what problems we have with NASA and how we can make a way better space program by teaming up with China, without making Japan feel betrayed

OCTOBER 19, 2016

Dear Future President

The issue is that our Space program is falling behind. We are not getting the funding/ help we need with it. We need, help with it. Our government isn't giving it enough funding to the space program, and the problems don't stop there. China has one of the best space programs, and if we wanted to even try to get with China to start a super space program, we cannot. The reason for that is because we are partners with Japan, and some people might think โ€œWell why's that a problem?โ€. Its a problem because Japan has always hated China, and China has always hated Japan. That's bad because science of WW11 Japan doesn't have any military weapons to defend itself, so that means we have to defend Japan. So if we partner with China, Japan will think that we are betraying them so they'll start making new weapons and we'll go into another war.

The way we can fix this is by getting closer to China, and Japan at the same time while we try to get both to get along. Now I know this might not work, but it's our best shot at this. If we do end up getting more funding we could go to Mars faster which makes it so we can grow our economy even faster if we do up up getting to mars. We also wouldn't have as many space stations as we do right now in the world if we teamed up with China. We would have one, and that one space station would probably be able to get us to Mars faster.

So my closing statement is that we need to team up with China with Japan allowing it. If we can find a way to do that we can go to Mars, and maybe even farther than that.


Jullian B.

Billings Public Library

TC - Billings, MT

TA - Billings, MT

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