Isaiah New Jersey

Space Exploration

Space exploration can play a big part in the U.S.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

I feel that space exploration can play a big part in the U.S. There are multiple reasons to why this can be extremely important and even revolutionary. From exploration of the Great Beyond being very profitable. To possibly finding other intelligent life-forms. Space exploration could be a very great breakthrough.

To start off, exploration could be extremely profitable. This is because exploration of different planets can lead to finding of new, unseen material. This material can either be sold for lots of money, or it can be used for evolving technology. Not only that but the idea of asteroid mining can make the huge expenses of developing rockets and probes. It is speculated that the amount of platinum on the Rosetta comet is worth around half a quintillion dollars. As of September 2016 there are about 711 known asteroids worth over 100 trillion USD.

Although there is one major problem with space exploration. It is extremely expensive. Although it is speculated that it may be affordable since NASA has not been using as much money as people think they have. But not only that but if we were to get into asteroid mining quick enough, we’d make profits. In fact, we’d probably make so much profits that we’d be able to fund more missions for more mining and exploration.

Another reason why exploration of space can be great is because of finding of previously unknown objects. Such as finding previously unknown life-forms. Or possibly ancient civilizations that have crumbled over billions of years. We may never know what is out there in the vast universe since our universe is billions of years old and there are many, many, many, solar systems and galaxies out in the open. Also, terraforming is a possibility. Terraforming is when someone or something turns a planet from uninhabitable to inhabitable. Earth was once an uninhabitable planet, but over billions of years, different species of living creatures to live on the surface. Not only this but in case of the sun becoming the next phase of its living, a red dwarf, we’ll have refuge on another terraformed planet. Knowledge of other planets will also help us learn more of our own planet. Knowing how other planets work and how their lifeforms act will help us learn more of our life-forms.

In conclusion I believe that space exploration could be a breakthrough in how humans live. From being able to live on other planets, to the financial gain for us. Space exploration can make our world better.

Sincerely, Isaiah.

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