jacobG Maryland


Islamophobia has been a problem in our country for years and I think we need to be more educated about the Islam religion.

   A Muslim is a victim of a hate crime every three days in America. This is one effect of the idea of Islamophobia, which has been a huge problem in our country since 9/11. Airport officials take innocent Muslims aside for questioning frequently when others pass through security with no issues. Most Americans assume other Muslims agree with the violent terrorist attacks in the name of Jihad, which is a struggle on behalf of the Muslim god, but this isn’t true and we need to be more educated about the Islam religion. Because we don’t understand their religion we assume all Muslims think alike and are dangerous to us.

`This affects all Muslims, yet Muslims are just as American, as Americans. Muslims have been here almost as long as we have. An article from the Huffington Post claims that scholars estimate a quarter of the slaves brought to the United States were Muslims. Despite the circumstance of their arrival Muslims were a part of the founding of this nation. CNS news did an article in 2015 about how most Muslims don’t support violence against civilians. Only 8% of Muslims they asked said it was “sometimes” necessary, and only 1% of those were in the U.S. Also in the same Huffington Post article it said that in the last two years more people were killed by toddlers than Muslims. So why are we afraid of Muslims? We think that they're all out to get us when in reality not very many at all are.

In an article by the BBC news, it says that Muslims are the main victims of ISIS and acts of terror in general. Every ethnic group has their extremists, I mean America has the unabomber. Just because a few people out of a group think one way, doesn’t mean they all do. I think we should have more Middle Eastern study classes in schools so kids can learn about their culture. Our school has one and I feel it benefits us.

I ask our next president to work to educate the American people on what Muslim people are actually about, and not what we make them out to be. We should have more middle eastern study classes in schools and have lectures at colleges that anyone can attend about Islam. I hope we can soon live without the biased toward Islam and Muslim people.