Dana S. Maryland


The restrictions on abortions are unreasonable and women should be able to do what they want with their bodies.

Dear future President,

The argument on whether abortion should be legal or not is a growing debate among citizens in the U.S. Abortion is legal, however, the states can and have put strict regulations on who, when, and where a woman can get an abortion. There are already many babies in the world who need homes. Roughly 400,000 children are in foster care systems in the U.S. alone. Reducing abortions will raise the number of children who lack stable living environments. Women should be able to have full freedom over what they choose to do with their bodies. If getting an abortion is what they want, they shouldn't have to struggle immensely to get one.

Oyez.org has an article about the Roe vs Wade case from the Kent College of Law. Roe Vs. Wade was a Supreme Court case that happened from 1971-1973. Texas resident, Jane Roe, wanted to have an abortion, but Texas law prohibited it. The argument was taken to the Supreme Court and Roe won, making abortion legal. Many states, however, still have intense restrictions on abortions.

ProCon.org, on a page from June 2016, shares the pros and cons of abortions. If women are restricted from having an abortion, they will resort to unsafe means of doing so, possibly causing long lasting injury or even death. Women who are denied abortions are more likely to become unemployed, on welfare, or live below the poverty line. 42% of women who have abortions are below the federal poverty level. If a person can't afford a child, why bring one into the world at all? Supporting children is expensive too. If a person doesn't have the money to support a child, one shouldn't be brought in the world if the mother decides this.

More pros and cons can be found on healthguidance.org in an article written by Jason Ladock. Abortion is legal in as many as 30 countries, but the remaining ones have heavy restrictions or even complete bans. Our population is constantly increasing because we don't have abortion available as a choice to women who want it. Abortions are important. Rape victims make up nearly 7% of all abortions. If a person were raped and got pregnant, why should they have to take the fall for something that wasn't their fault? If I had to deal with a pregnancy that wasn't my choice, I would have a lot of regret and would have a constant reminder of what happened running around my life. I wouldn't want a child that was the product of rape. Some people say that getting an abortion will cause trauma psychologically, but a 2013 study shows that women denied abortions feel more regret and anger than those who got abortions.

Overall, abortions should be available without restriction to anyone who wishes to receive one. If the mother decides that is what is best and what they want to do, they should be able to have the option.

Congratulations and good luck,

Dana S.