greenera Kentucky

Education Matters Right?

We deserve to have the help we need.

Dear Future President,

The Future of America lays in your hands. Your choices and decisions change and affect our lives. I hope that you are prepared to take on some of the hardest challenges you will ever faced with. Some of the challenges we will disagree with and some we will agree with, but in the end you should pick the right thing. One of the things I think you should consider are students having a computer that has internet and is able to be taken home. This should be thought about because some students don’t have access to that at home, all of our projects nowadays are on a computer, and it would be helpful for homework help.

Some students don’t have access to computers at home. Some do, but that’s not every student that may need it. Computers that could be taken home could give students an idea of what they may be working with later in life. It may even be a help to communicate with the teachers and students on days that school was not active. For example if there was a snow day you would be able to have “class on the computer” instead of having a day at home without the learning. Things like this, not having access to the internet, can be difficult for the students that have projects, assignments, etc..

Projects nowadays are on the computer. Even doing the research is on the computer. Schools are up to date but the students that attend to the school may not be up to date in the technological world at home. I mean some kids only have a parent's cell phone, and you can’t type an essay and do proficient research on a cell phone. I want every kid to have the same chance to be the next scientist or even a teacher, but not being able to reach the internet because of the lack of technology is stopping that.

Homework is a drag. Especially when you are stuck on a problem and don’t know what to do. Having a parent at work or being an only child you have no help! A computer may help, there are plenty of websites that can help with a variety of questions. The more help you have the more likely to succeed. We are all about succeeding, and we can’t if we have no help. Classes for 50 minutes a day and non-stop observing and working leaves little time to ask questions and even help. This may be the way to help students that are struggling or even are stuck on a problem.

All in all you have some tough decisions to make. They aren’t easy. No way, but let me put it in a different format. We are the next generation. You want the best bankers, teachers, and even best president. We will be just like our parents. Some of us even more successful. You want the best for us right? Provide us with the best, we deserve it.