David C. Minnesota


i think that the LGBTQ community should deserve more help and support because we don't feel that we get as much help.

Dear Next President

I think that the LGBT community should deserve more help and support because we don’t feel that we don't get as much help. About half of gay males experience a negative parental reaction when coming out to parents, out of 26% of those cases they were thrown out of their home and about 30% experience depression that might lead to attempt of suicide or drug abuse to young teens. In my experience of coming out to my mom and dad I was scared that they might throw me out but it was all ok they told me as long as I was happy and that i be safe and they were very supportive and accepting that I told them that I was gay, I will always remember the day I came out on January 30, 2016, when my dad asked if I was gay and told me that it was ok if I was after he had a heart attack in the beginning of the year. There is no reason for gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexuals suicide rate be higher than the general population. There should be better help and communication for LGBT teens that can’t get help in other parts of the United States or everywhere else..

Issues that are going on today in the United States is that some teens today might have a hard time coming out to parents and loved ones because they might feel indiscretion on how they might react to this particular issue today and how parents are little clueless on how to help and support his/her gay child or don’t know how to communicate with them. According to a 2011 Chalkbeat Education News article “How to help Gay youth” by Rebecca Jones, interviewed a woman named Michelle who took her 16-year old son to Longmont, Colorado to hear Caitlin Ryan speak about Supportive Families, Healthy Children, where she asks a question on “How do i help him find people with the same interest and like as he?” she asked. Ryan advised her to help all that she can do and help her son better connect with the LGBT youth. Another example of not accepting and rejecting a gay person would be a woman named Shelley Ibarra who wants her 21-year old son to find a spiritual home that is accepting to his orientation, “It’s hard to find church where gays are not just tolerated but truly accepting.” she said. “It’s sad for me that my son has turned away from the church because so many people told him he was a sinner.” but the idea of not supporting and not being there for your child or friend who is going through difficult situation on how to come out to parents and don’t know who to contact in case they are feeling suicidal or feel like hurting themselfs.

Some of the arguments that LGBT people can have a strong hold on was, June 12, 2016 when a shooting went on in a gay nightclub called “Pulse Nightclub” that happen in Orlando Florida, the shooter named Omar Mateen, a 29 year old security guard, killing nearly 49 people and wounded 53 others in a terrorist attack/hate crime against the LGBTQ community.We can all argue that this was a difficult situation that happen and a point in history that we will remember because of all the deaths in one night by one man we can agree that not all of us feel safe and don’t get the full supports or help with the government because in the beginning gay’s were considered “sinners” and a “disgrace to god” because of the sexual attraction we had on the same sex of the orientation. Another argument that is that LGBT community should deserve Gay Right to all gay males or females and respect and civil and social rights as heterosexuals because we all have been shamed on what our sexual preference are and that we want the world we are they same human as you.

This is a life and death situation where we don’t have gay rights everywhere If this doesn’t happen I feel that many of our people will die because of the hate crime that people have against us or terrorist attacks that will happen if this solution isn’t fixed now. There is no reason for the LGBT community should be hiding in fear of hate, we need to embrace our differences and pride that our parents gave us with love and take down all of the hate and violence.


David Campbell