Rachel p. Minnesota

Dear future president

Dear future president, First I'd like to congratulate you on your success in winning the election, I hope you're prepared for growing grey hairs and various stress wrinkles I'd like to hint you of your major responsibilities from here on out. First, as our leader, you must take in consideration of each person's thoughts, opinions, and perspective before you make a decision, this meaning with every problem you have, you mustn't make quick decisions, think of many possible outcomes, both positive, and negative. Second, I ask of you to acknowledge the needs of education facilities. Think of the children, the future generation of America, take notice of each individual needs of each child. I propose the matter of child hunger, what are you going to do for each starving child? Will you also take in mind the matter of American obesity? What could you do to succeed in both issues? These are questions in which answers we as citizens don't know, but we expect you to figure out. I prod for you to take in consideration the problems with population, that in just around 200 years the human population will exceed the supported population by earth. Making the decline of earth's human population inevitable. How would you think to solve this problem? Would you support the death penalty to reduce population? Will you want to protect the American people by controlling population? If the world is overpopulated, I only ask of your solutions.