Abby S. Kentucky

Transgendered Restroom Problems

Transgendered men and women being able to use the restroom that they identify as in schools.

Dear Future President,

       Hello my name is Abby and I attend Pleasure Ridge park High School and I am writing to you today to let you know what really needs to be addressed in 2016-2020. It is a very touchy subject to some people and others it is not as big of a deal. This would be the controversy of transgendered men and women being able to use the restroom of the gender that they identify as, not the gender that they were born into.

     I do not think that it is fair to make them use a restroom that they do not feel like they belong in. If a women were to identify as a male. Which means they wear male closes, take hormone pills to help in the transformation, or may have had reassignment surgery. He should be able to use the Men's bathroom because that is what he is. He is a male not a female.   

    Being gay and trying to use the restroom of the opposite sex is completely different. You want to be the sex you were born into you just like the same sex. If you are a female and you identify as a female then you use the female bathroom even if you are a lesbian. But if you are born a male and identify as a female you should be able to use the female bathroom.

     I know that people are skeptical about this but most transgendered children take hormone pills or have a shot to reverse puberty. So there would be medical records. If the school has those records then they know that a certain child is trans. Which that student can receive permission to use the bathroom of their gender.  

   I can speak from personal experience because one of my best male friends is transgendered. She made her transformation early in life but has not had the reassignment surgery yet he still has to use the female restroom. Since he can not use the restroom of his choice he simply does not use the restroom no matter how bad he has to go. He says he does not want to go to a place where he does not belong because he "does not have the right parts to use the bathroom". Which teachers and students have told him that before.

Even if you are unable to make it possible, maybe we can have  a gender nutural bathroom.   Not only in schools but in public places. Thank you for taking the time to consider reading my letter.


                                                                                                              Abby Schroeder