adriana Minnesota



Dear, Mr.President

Any one entering our country illegally from a third world country should be granted amnesty especially minors. I am writing this letter because of what I have witnessed from my own personal experiences to the things that make it onto the news. Since 2011 there were 11.1 million immigrants in the U.S that makes up 3.7% of the nation's population. Mexicans made up 52% of all unauthorized immigrants. We should not be able to kick illegal immigrants out if they aren't doing anything bad in our country.

Anyone escaping a third world country is most likely escaping danger. Illegal immigrants bring good skill and help our economy by doing jobs citizens won’t do. More than one million illegal immigrants become permanent residents of the U.S. By 2026 it is predicted that the government will have a shortage of 20 million workers, citizens of the United States will most likely have a shortage of products or produce.

Us citizens should not have the right to kick illegal immigrants out of our country when they work hard and build strong quiet families. We should help them instead of hurting them. 

Adriana Nunez