Abel l. Minnesota

Letter to the president

illegals immigrants are great

Dear Mr president I wanted to say nice on getting elected. But anyway what I wanted to talk to you about was to inform you on the illegal immigrants problem we have here in the united states. No they are not problem you guys are the problem. You government guys need to be more lenient on us mexicans we are not all bad. I have a grandfather he has been deported one time all he was trying to do was work and support his family and he got sent back to his crme filled town in mexico. I love my grandfather he tries his best he had a stroke a couple of years back but if he gets caught there is still a chance of him getting sent to mexico. I am giving you an idea of how we can let smarter more people who can help our society so let's start by hearing my plan. I was thinking better background checks and make them writes letter on their plans on what they are gonna do when they get to the USA That way nobody can say you guys didn't try it's a win win situation i am really hoping you take my small plan into consideration.

Sincerely Abel Luna