Brenden T. Arkansas

Gun Violence and School Shootings

The guns that we can buy or that we can sell should be limited to only rifles and pistols and further background checks should be ran on you before you can buy a gun of any kind.

Dear Future President,

The most important issue facing  America today in my eyes is gun violence and school shootings. I believe that we should not get rid of the right to bear arms but should limit the type of guns that any U.S. citizen can own/buy. An example would be, it should be illegal to own and or sell and fully automatic weapon. It is okay to own/buy a rifle because when was the last time you saw a news report that said “Man Shoots Up School Killing Hundreds of Students and Faculty With a Rifle.” It is always with a fully automatic weapon whether it be an AK 47 or an M14.

Why would any law abiding citizen ever need to own a fully automatic gun other than for the sole purpose of causing harm to another human? I live in Arkansas and I am a huge believer in hunting and in owning guns is not a privilege it is a right so I'm not saying we need to change that but what I am saying is that you cannot use an AK 47 on any type of game when hunting. It's illegal so in my eyes there are only two reasons that any person would ever need to own a firearm, one for hunting and for food and two home defense. For both of these things you only need either a rifle of a pistol. You have no reason to or need to own a fully automatic weapon.

You do not need a fully automatic gun to protect your home all you really need is a pistol. The reason all you need is a pistol is because if your house gets broken into by someone chances are there will only be one person so you don't need anything but a pistol. Let's switch topics for a second. School shootings they are a thing and they are scary but if you limit the type of firearms that can be purchased by people then the amount of school shootings with be lessened. If we strengthen the background check that is ran on anyone trying to buy a weapon to were if they have ever had any type of trouble with the law then they cannot buy any firearms.


Brenden Tinsley