Dajhanae H. Georgia


Racial profiling and police violence needs to stop in the world and everyone needs to be equal.

Dear Future President,

What a cold world we live in. Being judged for who we are and the color of our skin. People and their children shouldn’t be afraid of walking in their neighborhood, driving in their car, or running to the store simply because of the color of their skin. Racism is something that needs to end and diversity is something everyone needs to get used to. 

Racism is not something new to this world but being this far into history it shouldn’t still be one of our main problems. Police officers have pulled over and murdered more African Americans and Latinos than any other race this year. And I know whenever you hear or think of the words “black people” you might think of gangs and bad words and drugs, however the truth is most of us feel as if we have to live up to these low expectations that society and the world gives us as a group rather than as individuals. 

Another problem is the world today is “white supremacy.” Because of this, somehow white people are not given real consequences. By the color of their skin a crime is something they just can’t be charged with. Making me feel as if I need to have one of my “white” friends around me at all times. White supremacy to me makes me feel that if I committed a crime the exact same as a white person somehow I would get charged more than the other. Things like this need to stop in the world. “White supremacy” and “white privilege” are just unfair to the rest of the world who are just as important as them. 

By continuing to let this happen, young people like myself are just being taught that if you’re not white, then you really don’t matter in the world. Even at school, I’ve heard people warn others whenever a black parent enters through the door. Or people at lunch screaming at each other calling each other racist or saying they don’t matter in the world. Seeing people doing this, does impact every student rather they say something or just watch as it happens. It makes everyone feel as if there more or less important than the person sitting next to them.

So Mr. or Mrs. President, I’m kindly asking you for a change in the world. I want to go back to seeing an officer and smiling, waving, and giving the officers high-fives. I want the fear to leave. Most importantly I want everyone to be equal Caucasians, African Americans, Asians, Latinos, and Native Americans. Be the reason the happiness comes back. Be the change!

Sincerely a hopeful student,

Dajhanae H.