naomi Georgia

Immigrants Need a Path

It's time immigrants get a chance to have the rights like we citizens of America do.

Dear Mr, or Mrs. President,

Did you know that in the past few years 1.5 million to 1.7 million illegal immigrants arrived from mexico and have settled in the US without being taken care of? The truth about this sad cause is that some people that try to cross the border never make it. It's time America makes the citizenship process more efficient, and better. Is anyone going to do anything about this very major problem?

During the past few years many people have crossed the frontier and entered into United States of america. Unfortunately some of them never make it to the frontier and get lost in the Arizona desert. Over the past few years the temperature in the Arizona desert has hit its peak.This past summer was one of the hottest on record in parts of Arizona. One explanation for the trend may be that migrants are now walking longer distances to avoid detection, making the journey riskier. Many of them face hardships like starvation, fatigue, or dehydration. 911 dispatchers say most calls from migrants typically begin the same way: I’m lost in the desert and I haven’t had water in days. Though some of them are rescued and helped. Many of them don't make it. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office discovered 17 bodies all in the same area this summer. Border Patrol discovered more than 160 bodies in Arizona in the first eleven months of the past year.

The process of becoming a citizen can take several years. The process can come at a high cost as well. According to ABC news, Fees run into the thousands. Most immigration lawyers charge between $5,000 to $7,500 to accompany a client through the green card process. Some cases can cost closer to $15,000 before adding on application fees and any potential family members. Even for the average American this comes at a high cost. $7,500 is very hard to obtain when you are gaining minimum wage working 24/7. It is time that this process is made faster. As of right now 6,788 people traveling as families were caught on the southwestern border in may according to the Washington Times.

I do understand that some individuals think that that would not be fair. In order to prevent any unsafe people from coming into the U.S. a lot of precaution has to be taken. This process includes a background check, paying taxes, paying a penalty, and learning English. I know that this process can take a long time but several years is not acceptable. In a few months all of this could be covered. It’s time that all these immigrants have a different path to get here besides the illegal border crossing. Its time this changed for the better.

Thank you,

Naomi B.