Monica Q. Arkansas

Have pet elephants

Cost less money to go places, and helps you with life problems.

You could ride it to where ever you need to go. They can step on the people you don’t like and it could eat the person so no one will know it happened and you won’t get caught and go to prison.Cost less money to go places when you have a pet elephant to ride. You can have the best friend ever. It will never leave you like everyone else. You can have a really tight bond with the elephant. The elephant will never say bad things about you and will always have your back. So please let us have elephants and the government can pay for the food we need to buy them because they have too much money anyways. And the government can pay for the big fences and playground we need for them also.
Dewitt Middle School

ICT 8th grade

8th grade ICT class at Dewitt Middle School

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