Ti New York

Guns: Safe or Dangerous?

Dear Future President, I would like to congratulate you on becoming the next president of the of United State in 2016! I am sixteen years old and I have wrote this letter to you about a very oppressing matter. Now I am very sure you have been aware or even have been asked about this. The subject may be referred to as gun control, gun laws, or gun issues, whichever it may be the bottom line is guns. Now I am not here to give bias opinions on guns or what a teacher wants to hear me write about, “What think about guns are (bad/good)” Guns are a very touchy subject and many (I would guess) wouldn’t want to talk about it. What I want to say is that guns are a weapon; period. Many view it as a killing machine made for destruction in the hands of a civilian or other. Other people may view it a security for themselves (peace of mind), as I heard it. Many people consider guns to be weapons for criminals to commit murder and that sometimes is the case. A survey from “Gun violence archives” shows that over 40,000 incidents have happened in the past year. This includes accidental and mass shootings. Among those statistics a quarter of them has resulted in death. The use of firearms for home invasions are 1,848 cases and that is the known cases. Another matter is mass shootings which there are 300 cases that have been reported. This only covers the amount of incidents that have occurred in the U.S. not people. Another matter is that black males who make up only six percent of the population, makes up fifty percent of the victims in shootings. Another matter is that shootings have killed just as many people as car crashes. Yet another matter lies beyond this. “What is it?”, you may ask. The real question is, “What has guns done for the betterment of society?” What makes these weapons have any contribution to our society? For starters guns in our society have been used as our own defense against intruders or other invaders who seek to do harm. In a magazine article states that guns have been sold with thorough background checks and though common sense. A police study has shown that guns are majorly acquired through the black market rather than gun dealers; meaning that even if guns are out of civilian hands guns are still acquire able to criminals anyway. Another study from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention showed that guns frighten away intruders in about 500,000 times per year. A person dying of a gun is 0.4 percent out of common ways of death this includes car accidents. In my own opinion I think we should have them. It's not like I want to harm or frighten people but I would feel way safer armed than just vulnerable. What I want to know is how you would take action against this issue. Thank you for your time today. Sincerely, Ti