sydneyambers New York

Climate Change

The consequences of climate change and why we need a solution

Dear Future President,

I hope that in your term as president you take action to help fix a growing global problem. Climate change is becoming increasingly severe as time goes on. If we don't take steps as a nation to fix it, the consequences will include rising temperatures, erratic weather conditions, more droughts and heat waves, stronger hurricanes and dangerously high sea levels. These are all very serious problems, and they also create more issues the more they progress, such as killing plants and the destruction of homes and communities. 

Our country needs guidance on how to start fixing this, and it's your job to point us in the right direction, leading us to a safer future. I think one solution could be to use more natural, earth friendly forms of energy, like wind power, solar panels, and using less oil and coal. Also, I think that investing less money in harmful energy sources would be a good step- and the money could be invested in less detrimental alternatives. I hope the citizens of this country become more enlightened on why this is such an important issue, and that we can be the ones to resolve it.