Michele C. New York

Police Brutality

I wrote a letter addressing police brutality.

  Dear New President ,

I am only 15 years old. I live in the state of New York. Everyday my family watches the news and there is something always so shocking about police brutality . It upsets me to see officers using excessive force and hurting the public .I think there should be additional training offered to the police to help avoid excessive force to the people of their community. I remember being in elementary school and police officers coming to my school telling me to be careful of strangers.I was taught as a child to trust police to protect me. Knowing that police brutality can happen would make me trust them less and make me less likely to go to them for help.

An article written from a citizens perspective said he used to smile at the police every time he saw one out on the streets.The citizen decided to speak her mind and because she was in the wrong she was taken into custody. Police brutality had gotten so bad that young children are getting the idea police are bad. For example when an officer is put in the spotlight for doing a crime we can give the idea to a young child that maybe the men and women in blue maybe not safe after all. Police brutality is a common topic that is not being handled as well. Police are not all bad but sometimes are in the wrong.

Police are human correct? Humans can come to work with outside anger and homelife problems, Sometimes the public can say disrespectful things that causes frustration to the police.Everyone has their limits and then they may reach their breaking point. Imagine this for a second you're in New york City and people are yelling at you for not letting them cross the street right this minute. Bring yourself back into your shoes and still have that frustration from being police officer and being the citizen to follow the rules and not lose patience..Police are held to a higher standard by some because they know all the rules and are enforcing them everyday to the people of the public.

I may only be a teenger in high school but the world issues concern me that I am growing up in. The main problem of this is police brutality is a concern for many not knowing which officer is good or bad. I believe if training for anger and how to handle a moment of frustration be made mandatory for the police academy in order to graduate would benefit the frustration the officer can get rid of .Having an officer coming to schools telling kids to be safe and who to call in an emergency is so important and if it gets so bad to where the next generation doesn’t know then who do we call in an emergency?

Sincerely ,

                                                                                   Michele Commerford