Arlen F. New York

Climate Change

Climate change is an issue that I feel is not being acknowledged suitably.

 To the Future President:

Hello, Mr. or Mrs. President ! 

I think it must have been a very stressful season for the both of us.

Currently I am thirteen, and this is the first election I've been really aware of — and, God, what a one to start with !

But by the time you see this it'll probably be over, to both of our relief.

I'd like to speak to you about a major issue, very important to me. I am constantly worrying about the future because this issue is running rampant and is not being addressed in any way as to make a suitable change to prevent it !!!

What I'm talking about is climate change. I am fully aware of the Kyoto Treaty and international summits, but America is one of the world's biggest CO2 emitters and has not complied with the protocol !!!

I feel that it is important that we make the Kyoto Protocol and minimizing CO2 output a major priority. I suggest we do this by beginning to tax gasoline, and have stricter rules. I also believe we should start trying to make solar panels standard and cheaper, as these would limit emissions. 

Thank you for your time,

Arlen Fox