elijah New York

Criminal Justice

The criminal justice system in this country needs to be improved!

Dear Ms. Hillary Clinton

The biggest issue facing America today is Criminal Justice Reform. Did you know that police officers do not get prosecute, “The decision not to prosecute the officer — and not to prosecute a New York City police officer when an unarmed black man died after being placed in an apparent chokehold in July — has intensified the iss ue”(p4,last sentence). In addition police abuse there rights,“Just because you have a badge and a gun, you don’t have the right to abuse your authority,” Knight said. “You need to know your rights, but the officer does too.(p6)”

This issue is important to me because my twin brothers are cops and i would hate for my brothers to abuse there right as cop. One solution to not hire someone with a bad background. Another solution is to prosecute cops to the full estence.

In the future, i want everyone to be treated as an equal because no family should have there family member killed by a law enforcer because they assume


Eli B.