Rozelia F. Mississippi

The lost value in society

Without this simple thing, our country will be in ruins.

Dear Commander in Chief,

I would like to discuss the current environment in American society. There are many topics in our country that need to be resolved. But, they cannot be resolved if we do not honor and listen to other people’s opinions. I have seen many people being treated unfairly by their peers based on their opinions of topics like immigration, gun laws, and abortion. I have different viewpoints from the people around me. Being brought up in the bible belt surrounded by republicans and judgmental people, I became scared. I am terrified to the point that I do not want to state my view in society without the fear of being overwhelmed and trampled by people to change. I am afraid to be abandoned and in effect become powerless in society because I am an outlier. When I watch the news, I am faced with the terror and violence currently revolving in our society, and I realize that now is my time to act.

There is something missing in American society. Decorum, the value of respect and decency, is missing from society. How can we have a discussion with decorum? First, we have to establish that respect is needed on all levels of society and life. There is a civil duty to protect the people of this country. But, we are destroying each other based on what we look like and believe in. This country is supposed to be the melting pot for the vast cultural identities and religions that live here, and if respect is not established here then this country is doomed.

Thankfully, there is a solution. We need to gear our society to respect and value other people’s opinions even if we have an opposing view. But, it is not achieved overnight. It takes time for the solution to fully take effect into society. For example, babies are not born racist; they are taught by their elders to be. Many problems in our society can be resolved, but, like many things, it takes time and the right actions for it to truly, effectively take place. This solution would never happen if people are pressured to have a different voice in society. There is a need for mine and everybody’s voice to be respected and not ridiculed.

The American society needs a role model to open the mind to new possibilities of the world around it. Words can be influential to the mind and soul, but only the open ones can truly have a change of heart. We should embrace who we are as people and register that we are united, and in effect we should value one another with respect and decorum as the equals we are. For now, we can take action and change by introducing more self-control and decorum into our lives and children's lives. will not only change the environment and society we live into a better place, but also will make a happier and more productive way of life for the future.

                                                                                                                            With gratitude,

                                                                                                                             Rozelia F.