Will B.

The Characteristics of Our New President

Our new president is going to have many problems to try to face and fix. They are also going to need to have the characteristics to be able to do this. What are those? What is the main thing the president needs to do with our country?

September 29, 2016

Dear Next Mr. or Madam President,

A president should have many qualities that promote leadership, equality, and fairness. With all the current problems in our society we need a leader to help unite the country and face these problems together. Because of all these problems people tend to take different sides depending on their opinions. But as soon as someone calls someone else out on where they stand on a certain subject, there is conflict. This nation has so quickly become divided over a lot of problems that shouldn’t be fought over. Yes, people should be able to stand for what they believe but there is a better way to go about raising awareness to the subject. This is the kind of thinking or next president needs to have. Among other things unity is key.

There are many ways on going about uniting our country. Being fair and equal is another big one. With all the big problems concerning equality with women and color, our next president should have a plan that brings us all together onto common ground. We are stronger together so how can we be a great, strong country when we all are at each other’s necks. There shouldn’t be and difference between people with white skin or black skin, or any other. We are all still people and the next president needs to recognize that. Equality will show how good a job our president is doing among other current problems. Taking charge and uniting the country will be the characteristics of the president that our nation needs. Thank you for considering these things and I hope our nation’s problems will soon be over.