Terrance R. Mississippi

Animal Extinction

Why should we increase animal conservations and decrease poaching?

Dear Future President, 

     As of 2016 our planet, planet Earth, is going through its sixth mass extinction of animals. To fix this problem we should try harder to eliminate poaching and increase the number of conservation sites around the world. 

  One thing you can do is encourage law enforcement to create stricter laws on poaching. About 85% of animal extinction is caused by poachers. For example, if there are 5 giraffes in captivity and 50 in the wild, law enforcers should try harder to keep the 50 from getting poached than keeping the 5 in captivity alive. The reason I say this is because animals do everything better in their natural habitat and animals might not reproduce enough and giraffes will go extinct if poachers kill off a large amount of the 50.

  Most law enforcers think more about animals in captivity than those in the wild. In order to fix this problem, they should increase the number of animal reservations where they can have more animals in captivity but also allow them to stay in their natural habitat. There are over a 100 different animal conservation sites in the world but still animals are going extinct. In order to fix this problem, we should put more animals who are on the risk of animal extinction in conservations but some conservations are overcrowded and some only take in certain animals. That's why we should build more conservations so we can save more animals. 


          Terrance Rowe 

Aberdeen High School

English III Aberdeen

English III Aberdeen

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