Rakiya B. Mississippi


My story is about bullying and the how there are 3 different types of bullying: verbal, social, and physical. Bullying can be stopped by talking to your parents or counselor.

Dear Future President,

           In the next 2 years, if nothing is done, I would like for you to set a law for bullying to be illegal. Bullying is a behavior that hurts, harms, or humiliates a student, physically or emotionally. 

           There are three types of bullying; verbal, social, and physical. Verbal bullying is saying mean things. Social bullying is embarrassing someone in public. Physical bullying is hitting, fighting, and destroying property.

           Threatening is a part of bullying and having aggressive behavior. When you threaten someone you are putting their life in danger. Bullying shouldn't be allowed because it is not nice. To stop the bullying you can go to a counselor or talk with your parents..



Aberdeen High School

English III Aberdeen

English III Aberdeen

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