Allen D. Mississippi

The Hatred Must Stop

The tensions between civilian and policeman have escalated to an outright horrid degree. Both sides should work on communication and be taught to prevent such crime to continue.

Dear Future President,

The current tensions between the people and the police have risen to a dangerous high. Over the past couple of months, there have been multiple murders of innocent civilians and police officers, a fact that very much worries me. People are fearing the very men and women sworn to protect them, all because of the drastic and racially discriminatory actions of a minority within police forces. Subsequent riots have not only resulted in the harm of innocents, yet have also caused millions of dollars in property damage. For example, the Milwaukee riots alone caused over 5.8 million dollars in damage over the course of three days. This is a problem, and one that I believe is caused by a major lack of trust and communication.

Brutality and racism on their own are major problems, and the primary causes of these issues. I believe that the issue can be toned down if more thorough punishment is given to violators. People of color should not have to fear their lives, while officers should be taught to use more nonlethal injury toward potential assailants. Both of these issues can be corrected through stricter training and punishment.

A method to lessen the fear of police officers and establish more trust within their community, is more integrated community policing. Through more communication and prevalence of officers within their communities, they can lessen the fear that many people may hold. Neighborhood watches and civilian education may also be used to give average people a more active role in patrol and enforcement of the law. The various media outlets that have the attention of the majority of the American population also hold a strong influence on their views. Any information or lack of it that they release can very strongly sway the impressionable people that use the news as their sole source of information. This can leave even more vulnerability to public outcry.

The present tensions are very much an issue an issue, despite the solutions that could easily subdue the problem. I feel that communication is most important in preventing a misunderstanding, otherwise there will continue to be millions of dollars in damage and multiple deaths and injuries. I believe that through proper handling of this situation, the police-civilian tensions can be brought down to a halt. However, this will be nothing more than a suggestion if actions aren’t taken to prevent a repeat of these violent protests. I hope that you consider taking action.


Allen D.