Dorian D.

Future President

Dear Future President, This country is in a state of renewal. America needs you to do your best to keep this country great. In order to do this you will need to be dedicated as a leader and to this country. Also, you will need to be cooperative with the people. The people need to know that you are trustworthy and loyal. You must also display courage and honesty. You can not be afraid to step up and take control if there is multiple issues in the country. This brings me to my next topic to discuss, the many issues in America and around the world. You will need to fix the problems in the U. S. and in other countries as well. The problems around the world like the war in Syria, the conflict with North Korea, and ISIS need to be dealt with. However before these problems are approached we need to work on the conflicts in America. Things like: racism, police brutality, inequality, tax codes, health care, the tremendous amount of debt we are in, and many other issues in the U.S. This country has had a race problem ever since the start of America’s history. There was even a battle about race between the North and South. However many of this country’s problems have showed up in the past years. Especially police brutality. This is a huge outbreak that has led to many deaths of police and other citizens especially the race of African-Americans. After dealing with all these problems you should then try and focus on the different problems around the world, but for now, stick to improving the image of this country.