Isiah M. Mississippi

Police Brutality

Why are police officers killing black African-Americans?

Dear Future President,

Why are police officers killing black African-Americans? A problem they are killing African-American for no reason. To solve this they should fire the policemen that's doing this. The future president needs to make a law to stop killing us for no reason. 

So one thing you can do is let go of some of the men that's killing our kind. For 2016, there were 708 documented deaths in police shootings. I found this information on a website called "". This information was written by Janice Williams. That's crazy. Police shouldn't be taking our people lives like that for no reason. In 2015, 990 were killed by police officers. This rate just goes up every year. 2008-2012 -- 12,765 people killed by police officers, that's all kind of people. They need to stop this madness for our country.

Society today needs to come as one because if this keeps going on the world would be a bad place. That's why I say we need to help stop this. Everybody needs to pick up a pen and write to the future president about this madness today.

Aberdeen High School

English III Aberdeen

English III Aberdeen

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