Mike W. Pennsylvania

Homework Problems

Homework is a waste of time ..

Dear Future President, my name is Michael Walker and I attend the Workshop School. I wanted to talk about homework problems, I want to talk about it because I know people who can't complete their homework because of their living situations. For example, people can be taking care of an ill family member at home and they might not have time to do their homework. Also, homework used to take atleast one hour long, but now homework takes two to three hours long. Some people would have to be up all night long to finish homework and sometimes the teacher doesn't even check the homework people spent numerous hours on! The time people use for homework can be used for doing something useful, such as an fun activity/ doing something you like to do on your free time. Also, homework can cause stress, and/or health problems. School already takes up 7-8 hours, so why should we have homework? We should be stress free.