jax k.

"A Kids Worst Nightmare"

Homework is always stressing kids out and i want to put a stop to it.

Dear Mr. president,

Homework. A kid’s worst nightmare. Homework has never really been a problem for me until 6th grade. Kids go to school for seven hours a day to basically work non stop. The funny thing is that we have to bring the work home with us so we don’t have time to be kids. Im jax knight and personally i don’t think homework is fair to kids.

Researchers found second graders in Long Island New York had an average of 28 to 29 minutes of homework per night? More than 70% of students in high achieving california communities said that usually have high amounts of stress with the leading cause of it being homework. I interviewed some kids and my teacher from my english class and this is what they had to say. 8th grade student Dillon broderick says, “I have clinical depression from homework.” “We should not have homework”. 8 th grade student Lane Vu says “i think we shouldn’t do homework”. And finally, my english teacher Mr. Ferro says “To practice a skill that we have learned in class, to prepare for what we are going to do in class the next day”. “I saw the value in homework”.

Homework does have its perks. It can help you remember what you have learned that day and it stimulates lessons in your brain. Homework is also a good way to keep your brain active. Homework can help a good gain responsibility and help them gain adult actions. But i still don’t get why teachers assign it. It’s more work for them because that means they have to grade it. Plus it makes your students mad because what kid likes homework?

Most kids i know are always stressed and worried about their grades because they never do their homework. I still manage to get most of it done but i have after school and extracurricular activities. It’s very depressing to come home from my rugby practice at eight o’clock thinking i still have homework. Which causes me staying up until 11pm and me not getting enough sleep. So it’s up to you Mr. president, do you want kids to suffer and sit inside all day doing homework or have them actually be kids again?

Your supporter,

Jax Knight

Lewis Middle School

Ferro, English 8 Seminar

Periods 1 and 3.

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