Andrea V. California

Too Much Homework

Lots of the U.S. students have to deal with lots of homework. They also gets stressed very easy just because they want to do good in school.

Dear Future President ,

As the first task  you might  have as the next president is dealing with lots of homework. I hope that you can address the problem on homework because researchers say that lots of homework is not making an improvement in students. It is not improving it's just getting us stressed and sleeping late just by trying to finish all the homework we had for that day.

My position in this problem is that homework is a good and bad thing for our future. The bad thing is that homework really doesn't have a benefit to us when we grow up. The good benefit is that we can learn a new language and 

Many students who go on the bus and have to walk to their houses their backs start hurting because they carry a lot of homework. In some research it had said the students in high doing homework was mindless or pointless. Some students who go to high performing schools said that they spend more time alone doing homework that being with their families.

In K-5 grade teachers assign 2.9 hours of homework each week. At Stanford high school students get 3.1 hours of homework every night. When we get a lot of homework we have a difficult time balancing ourselves  with activities we like and doing homework because at that point we think that homework is more important.

In conclusion, You the one who is going to be the next United States leader should address this problem because it get worst and worst over the years that pass. I would like you to make a difference in this because it is really a big problem in the U.S specially for high school  students.

Sincerely, Andrea V.  

Lakeview MIddle School

Woods Period 1

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