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Reforming Immigration

The different ways that Immigration can be dealt with in the United States.

October 31, 2016

Our Future President

The White House

Dear M. President,

I would love to start off by congratulating you on gaining your well-known position in the executive branch. As you began to coerce us in the ways that you will help the country prosper, you won over the 50% of us that you needed. And in that, I congratulate you.

The United States is more in need of a competent leader than ever before, as the problems the United States have begun to cultivate have spread like wildfire. Topics on immigration reform, achieving prosperity, and securing America have become more prevalent when it came to choosing our president this time around. As the number of people within the United States grow and grow, we begin to face the allotment of those who have come to the country for better opportunities. As this said country of opportunities, we have to provide those without the resources to thrive different enterprises where they can join the market and make sure that they have the same abilities and natural rights like any other American citizen. This is a problem due to the number of immigrants entering our country by the second. As they continuously enter the United States, the number of resources we have to offer have dwindled to an all time low. Sooner or later, we will not be able to provide for everyone. Resources are limited. So how do we get out of this mess?

Adopting this theory of immigration reform from my history teacher, we could help the countries that people flee from. Immigration is the act of arriving to another place because of better alternatives that are stagnant in said place. If we provide support to countries that are willowing away in national debt and poor living and learning conditions, the number of people who would want to leave those countries are cut in half. There’s no need to flee a country if your experience living there is unrivaled by any other country. There are multiple ways that we can lend aid to these other countries. Whether it be by power and militia, help with foreign debt, or creating partnerships with even more foreign countries, the amount of help that would be given to the countries would increase tenfold.

By adopting the policy of helping with foreign aid, this could be a way for the United States to pay off their debts to these countries that it depends on for most of our resources. By helping the other countries with their own financial situations, we can get both ourselves and other countries out of the amount of debt that is due to other countries. Regarding the militia agreement, we can send armed forces to other countries to help them resolve internal conflicts and even external invasions. This would only be in the situation of a request. As these request are made, then the American troops can be sent to help provide backup to the nation.

Theses are only a handful of the vast decisions we can make as a country. As the country grows, we can begin to help our national neighbors more and more. As president, I am positive that you will be more than capable of directing this country in the correct direction. Like stated before, you have more 50% of all Americans on your side. The odds are in your favor for the rest of your term.


Menduyarka Samuel Dennis

Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

We are high school students from Philadelphia! We've been studying immigration in U.S. history so many of our letters include our opinions on this issue.

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