Donnell L. Pennsylvania

The importance of a four year education

The importance of a four year education

Dear Future President,

The importance of a four year education: we need four years in high school because if we didn't we'll be on the street selling drugs or robbing people, killing people, and you don't want that. We want a life, a job that I want to do forever. I'm pretty sure some drug dealers wanted to be something before they got put into the streets and it's bad because drug dealers are smart but not as smart as a person who went to school and college who got degrees. They make a lot of money and drug dealers make money but they have to give their producer the money and then the producer gives the drug dealer a cut but it can be big or small, depending on how much they make. I don't know who wants to give all their money to the boss and they take a small cut like 1000 or even 500 - not me. I I want a job that i make my own money and still be happy and have fun to be able to go home with a smile on my face instead of complaining like, "Ugh I don't like my job, my worker teammates are annoying."