Brian.v California


Do you get enough sleep?

     Dear Future President,

       I am writing from Watsonville, California.  I  am currently attending  Lakeview Middle School. I am writing to you because we are given too much homework.  I stay up late just to finish it, and the next morning I wake up tired and sometimes I miss the bus. Some people have fallen asleep in class due to too much homework. And when I don't do my homework, my grades go down and I get in trouble with your parents. Also, you have to remake it and do the last week's homework. Also, you miss out on family stuff like parties, watch movies together.”Parents reported first-graders were spending 28 minutes on homework each night versus the recommended 10 minutes. For second-graders, the homework time was nearly 29 minutes, as opposed to the 20 minutes recommended."

    Kindergartners, their parents said, spent 25 minutes a night on after-school assignments, according to the study carried out by researchers from Brown University, Brandeis University, Rhode Island College, Dean College, the Children's National Medical Center and the New England Center for Pediatric Psychology said CNN news.

Thank you, future president.