George B.

Teens drug addiction

In this letter to the next president I am educating to you about teen drug addiction and how we can stop it.

Dear Future President,

I’m writing you this letter to make you aware of a nationwide problem that you can help correct. That problem is teen drug addiction. 23% of teens in America are addicted to drugs. These percentages of teens that are addicted not realizing they’re hurting themselves and the people that cares about the most. My friend Kevin (From NY) stressed to me that the only reason teens like him get addicted is because it relieves all problems, stresses, and anger. To get more in depth, think about a friend or loved one who is a drug addict. You’re really thinking that they are going to overdose and die and one day and turns out they in the hospital bed in critical condition. Now do you feel the emotional aftershock? To be honest with you I personally don’t have a personal story, but from the stories I’ve heard I did learned that there is help and it possible to overcome teen drug addiction. With your help you can spread awareness so the citizen of American can help stop teen drug addiction.

Teen drug addiction affect American in so many ways. According to “More teens dies from perscription drug more than cocaine and heroin combine...” which make everyone think that it easy to acess any type of drugs in America. To back up this government “⅓ of teens in America who lives in a state with the medical marijuana laws get their pot from prescription medicine” When they do this act they failed realize that they doing whatever it take it take to get these drugs because they are so addicted. They are hardest in the situation because it going to be hard to break them out of the mentality that drugs is the only answer. This is an important issue because teen are dropping out of school to spend more times with drugs.

We as Americans already have solutions, but it’s not notice. One major help is seeking help for mental illness. According to “mental illness and substance go hand-and-hand. Those with a mental illness my turn to drugs to ease the pain…”. This solution will help addicted teen realize that they are not alone. Also you as a president should enforce in the American school system to teach the future of America how to deal with peer pressure. Also you can make a cause to grab American citizens attention so they can motivate teens that drugs is not the answer. What I disagree with from Treatment solution is that we need to tell teens to have a perfect life because it going to cause more mental problem; Last time I check they said mental problems lead to drugs to ease the pain. Even though America have 99 this doesn't have to be one.

Thank You

George Burnett