Brennen H. California

Homework: Gone or optional?

In this document I will discuss why I think that homework should either be removed completely or just optional.

Hi, future President. Today I am going to explain why I think homework is wrong and should be different.

School is meant to increase your knowledge and ready you for later in life. That does not mean give you immense stress and anxiety. Homework should either not be permitted in schools or it should be optional, because having lots of homework from multiple classes piles up and adds un-needed stress, which lowers the average student’s mental strength and morale as well as do very little for them.

My first reason as to why homework should be removed or made optional, is that it adds a lot of stress. After school, you should be able to relax and do your own things. Not have to worry about your grades and what homework you have. You should go home and be able to spend time with your family or by yourself. Some people, like myself, play sports and have other hobbies they enjoy doing, which might end up giving them a life-time job. But with lots of homework, it’s hard for me to do both well in school and have fun in life.

My second and final reason as to why homework should be outlawed, is that having, lets say, 1 hour of homework from 5 of your classes, that piles up. Big time. You get home then by the time you’re done with all your homework, it’s already bed time. So you get no time at all to relax and do your own thing, which could help relieve some stress in the normal world. And let’s say you miss one day’s homework due to being sick or some other reason that made you not be able to do homework. That’s another 4-5 hours of homework, which would make you stay up very late, leading to less sleep and more stress/anxiety.

People may say that homework is needed to improve our intelligence from school and our time management at home. No. Studies from multiple sources have shown that homework does nothing but give you unneeded stress and pressure. A family in Canada had this viewpoint, and went through with it until they went to the Supreme Court in Canada, supporting claims that homework does not improve student's intellectual ability, and the Court agreed and didn’t give the children of that family have any homework anymore. 

In conclusion, I believe that homework should be discussed again with the idea that doing it wrong, I.E. too much of it, could be the downfall of most children, but doing it correctly, like just the right amount of homework for the right children, could benefit the children of tomorrow. 


Brennen Herley

Diablo Vista Middle School

Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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