Aidan M. Indiana

School Problems

So this are my reasons for writing this passage

Dear future president,

The reason why I care about this problem is because, I think that all schools should have air conditioning because it would increase test and grade scores on all minor and major tests.

Some suggestions that I have ,is that you should give 200k per state that is used for school clean up and repairs.Also we should do fund raisers in every state that needs money for the school clean up and repairs.My opinion is that we raise money and is given money to help our schools and youth be smarter.

Some reason why others should care about this problem is because they are complaining about the youth and future of our country but they are not giving us a fair learning for the youth.Another reason why they should care is because if we get a good education it could help with the gun problem.

Sincerely,Aidan Meek