Emilee R. Indiana


Pro-life or Pro-choice, you can only pick one.

Dear Mr. , Mrs. President, 

 I care about abortion because it determines billions of girls all around the world, including mine.  Whether you are pro-choice or pro-life it can and probably will chamge my life for the greater or the worse of my life.

 I personally can't decide for someone to be pro-choice, or pro-life but what I can do is shine some light on it. I'm pro-choice, 50% and pro-life 50%. Why you ask because there are multiple things I like about both but there I multiple things I dislike about them. Like for example for pro-choice there should be limitations on how long you are to be eligible to get an abortion.

There are multiple things to figure out with being pro-choice but no matter what the bill will pass for.  I'm more than supportive for either.


Emilee Richardson 

From Indiana