Charlise H.

Letter to the Next President

You, the next president, need these characteristics to be a great president!

Dear future president,

You, the next president, should have certain characteristics you need to have to be a great president. We want a president that will make good decisions at the right time and really think it through if it will benefit our country. You need to gain these responsibilities and characteristics. The first one is intelligence. You need intelligence to know what you are doing when you become president. The next one is kindness. You need kindness to get along with the people in your country and to get along with other countries. You would want to and need to get along with other countries because a lot of our supplies come from other countries and we need the things they make. The last one is honesty. You have to be honest with the people of your country. Honest if there is a problem and honest when everything is okay. These are just some of the characteristics you, the next president, should have.

Ripon High School

English I Honors

Students from Mrs. Valponi's English I Honors class

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