Andrew W. Indiana

Illegal Immigrants

A look at the immigration issue facing our country.

Dear President,

Despite the fact that I am only seventeen years of age and still in high school, I am still able to recognize many problems facing the United States today. I understand that you have a better understanding of these predicaments that face our nation than I do, and I hope you have a plan to resolve them. I do not have any first-hand experience on most of those issues, but I still have a say in them as I am an American citizen. As an American citizen, I do what every other red blooded American does and contribute to the great nation that we know and love. I pay taxes, and abide by the set laws. However, for many people in this country, they do not do these things and are not supposed to be here. That is the problem I plan to shed light unto in this letter.

The problem you may ask? The problem is illegal Immigrants. They are exactly what the words say; illegal. Twenty-six percent of the United States’ populace is immigrants, which accounts for around eighty-one million people. Around eleven million of those people are unauthorized and considered illegal. Many American citizens try to protect these people and claim that these people just want opportunity and a better life. There are millions of others who desired the same thing, but they went through the process and became a legal citizen. So, why can’t these people entering illegally just do the same? In areas where illegal immigrants are present, crimes are typically ten percent higher than usual. If they want to be in this country in the first place, they should abide by the law. They broke their first law when they crossed into the country illegally. Also, they do not deserve to be here, as they do not even pay taxes and abide by the laws. To prevent being deported, they have border babies and then we, legal American citizens, have to pay for their welfare because they cannot provide for themselves. Studies have shown that illegal immigrants in this country cost taxpayers around one hundred and thirteen billion dollars a year. That’s more than we spend on education, healthcare, and transportation. If we did not have to pay for the welfare or anything for the illegal immigrants, then the American government could save hundreds of billions of dollars, which in turn, could save the American people money. We would they do not have to pay as much on taxes or we could take all that money being put into illegal immigrants and put it towards something more important, like education. Also, with fewer illegal aliens, there will be more job opportunity for the Americans who are legal, which will improve the economy.

So, forthcoming President, I speak on behalf on the millions of Americans who are unhappy about the immigration crisis. While it may sound selfish, we want our country back to ourselves; the legal ones. The illegal aliens are destroying our economy and taking over. You would not want someone to enter into your house, stay and then have to pay for their housing without your consent; would you? Same principle applies in this situation. Future President, this must change. If we are to preserve the dignity of this nation, action must be taken on this immigration dilemma.