ajia Indiana


Too many people is getting shot.

Dear Mrs.future , my name  is Ajia smith, I go to Miami middle school and I live in Fort Wayne Indiana. Also im in the 7th grade. 

I wanted to tell you how I feel about the United States. I think there are to many people getting killed by guns and the polices. I think that when you become president you should band guns from the United States . Also you should make a law saying that you will forbid people from killing other humans in the United States  of America.

Also for you to be a president I think you have to like black and white people and treat them how you would like to be treated , like with respect. Also you should have responsibility for every mistake that you do. Also I think that to be the president of the United States you have to love all children ,you have to respect what you do, and work very hard to help are environment out.