Natalie Krispin

College Tuition

 Dear Future President,

      Public colleges should have more affordable tuition. Many students would like to have a college education, but are not able to afford it because of the heavy costs. On average, a college student will pay $9,500 for a year of tuition at a public school. This is without textbooks and other educational essential. It’s not worth it for families to have to take out second mortgages on their homes just so their children can receive an education. 20.5 million students were predicted to have attended American colleges and universities in Fall of 2016. That means about 20.5 million families were spending that money to pay for the education and only a small portion of those families can actually afford it.
       Many jobs require a college degree, which a lot young adults cannot achieve because college tuition is far too expensive. Adults without a degree can’t get hired for jobs that require a college degree. If adults/kids don’t go to college and get a job, there will be more people living on the streets because, they cannot afford an apartment or even food.
      A solution for the financial issue, is for the government to make budget cuts on unnecessary programs they are funding, and by putting more of that money toward college tuition. One of the reasons why college tuition is rising is because the price of everything else in the world is rising. Think about how schools these days look a lot nicer than they used to, and how there is so much new technology that every school is wanting. That means universities need more of our money so they can cover the cost of other important things. Overall, I believe that college tuition should be more affordable and the government should make this happen soon.


Natalie Krispin 

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