Lily W. Indiana

Climate Control

Although we are rich in renewable sources we are poor in non renewable

Dear Future President 

Hi my name is Lily W. I am going to be talking about climate control because it is very easy to replace wind or solar energy but it's not so easy to replace fossil fuels,coal or oil and if we don't cut back on some of this stuff we will run out and because of climate change the Corel in the great burere reff is getting bleach because the water is getting to hot.

I suggest to save the fossil fuels is that we use solor power cars and see if we can not use oil to run factories and if we don't stop we will run out and we will have no one to blame but ourselves end over time when the earth does run out we have no way to replace it 

Others should worry about this because we're killing the earth from the inside out and if this continues the earth will die and every thing we know and love will go with it.Others should care as well because Isis is lighting oil on fire just to block enemies and it's hurting both the people and the land


Lily Wipperman from Indiana 

We need to cherish the earth